Selamat datang Mr. Sperling, enjoy Jogjakarta!

Mr. Ulrich Sperling is an SES expert who worked as Project Manager on automation issues, which included documentation, skill training of staff and presentation to the customer. In education, he worked as a teacher and lecturer at a vocational college that had adopted the dual education system and at a dual education university (where he continues working as a lecturer), so he is an excellent candidate for the assignment.

He has competence in technical support and sales support of automation systems, presentation of systems and technical equipment to customers, theory and hands-on, teaching physics and mathematics (including higher mathematics) at a dual-education based vocational college and university, and also establishing complex documentation of systems and equipment. He mastered several software such as MS Office, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Framemaker, and Acrobat. In the spare time, he loves to play piano, jogging, explore about history and astronomy, and doing political action at community level.

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